What Causes the Mouth to Become Inflamed?

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If you’ve ever had an injury, what you’ll notice is that wherever it is on the body, that area will become inflamed. Inflammation, or swelling, is a normal reaction as the body attempts to heal itself. You can become swollen on (or in) any part of your body including the mouth.

Frequently, your mouth becomes inflamed due to a burn to the tongue or palate when the temperature of a beverage or food is too hot. This is such a common event that there is even a medical term called “pizza palate” named for the most common culprit of mouth burns.

Besides burns, another offender of mouth inflammation is bacterial infection. While inflammation caused by food/beverage burns typically heals within a week, the kind of inflammation that comes from bacterial infection can become chronic. When the body is unable to heal the infection by itself, the swelling remains, or comes and goes. In these cases, you’ll need an evaluation by your dentist to discover the source of the problem. Many times, chronic mouth swelling is caused by something affiliated with periodontitis (gum disease).

Treatment for an inflamed mouth is dependent upon the severity of the swelling and whether or not it affects your normal, daily functions, such as eating, speaking, breathing, etc. When any of these necessary bodily functions are impaired, you should come and see us immediately for an evaluation.

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