How Can You Know If You Have Oral Cancer?

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Do you ever wonder about how you can know if you have oral cancer? Oral cancer affects more than 40,000 people in the United States every year. Getting oral cancer screenings regularly could save your life. It’s also important to watch for the signs that indicate oral cancer.

Because oral cancer can occur at any age or health, it’s important to watch for it always. Visual signs of oral cancer can include facial irregularities such as lumps, bumps, lesions or cuts that don’t heal for two weeks or longer, and splotchy skin. Please make an appointment with our office if you notice any of these visual cues.

A constant sore throat, difficulty eating, chewing, or speaking, feelings that something is lodged in the back of your throat, and drastic weight loss can all be non-visual signs of oral cancer. If you’re experiencing these symptoms, we recommend that you schedule an appointment for an oral cancer screening. Catching oral cancer quickly improves the likelihood of successful treatment, so don’t delay.

When was your last oral cancer screening? Our team at Henry K. Danziger DDS will provide you with a professional, gentle oral cancer screening as part of your regular dental checkup. Please give us a call at 203.729.0563 now to schedule your next appointment. Dr. Henry Danziger and our team are excited to help you care for your oral health.