Dentures: Caring for Your New Teeth

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Have you recently started wearing dentures? Are you trying to find a good way to care for them? Today, dentures can be made from synthetic materials like plastic, porcelain or a combination of the two. Regardless of their composition, it is important that you care for your new teeth properly to protect the denture’s lifespan.

While dentures may look like your natural teeth did, they can require similar yet different care. Toothbrushes that have hard bristles can scratch and damage dentures, and many toothpastes are too abrasive to be used on them. You could use a denture brush to clean them, but often a soft-bristled brush can also do the job.

Because your dentures are made from such delicate materials, our doctors recommend that you stand over a sink of water or a folded towel whenever you clean them in case they accidentally fall. Dentures do need to be cleaned and brushed each day to remove plaque, bacteria and to help prevent stains from taking hold. Before brushing, you might want to rinse off any loose food particles from your teeth.

When not in use, your dentures need to be kept moist. You can keep them in a glass of water at night, or Drs. Danziger and Kerr may recommend a soaking solution for you to use. If they are allowed to dry out, the dentures could potentially lose its proper shape.

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