Common Oral Health Reminders: Chewing Gum

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Did you know that chewing gum is effective for saliva production? In order to ensure your smile has the greatest chance of success, saliva production is necessary to rinse away harmful acids that can build up on your teeth and gums. Chewing gum is also safe and effective on your teeth and will not cause additional abrasion.

You can improve your oral health by chewing sugarless gum after meals. This is possible because chewing sugarless gum after meals helps create additional saliva. Saliva is a naturally occurring substance in your mouth that is extremely beneficial for providing disease-fighting substances to your teeth and gums, neutralizing harmful acids, and helping to eradicate food debris.

Have you ever suffered from heartburn before? Heartburn is a health condition in which stomach acids have been known to break through from your stomach and travel back up your esophagus. When the stomach acid reaches your teeth and gums, they can lead to significant tooth enamel wear and damage. This is because they’re extremely acidic and known for chewing through your precious tooth enamel. However, by chewing sugarless gum, you can help promote saliva flow that will neutralize these acids.

Are you aware of the fact that brushing your teeth after meals could potentially be dangerous for your health? This is because of the fact that that dental abrasion can occur. After eating, your tooth sensitivity tends to rise, and brushes and toothpaste may be overly abrasive and potentially dangerous to your tooth enamel. Thus, alternative cleaning utensils such as sugarless chewing gum should be used at this time. 

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