Bi-Annual Teeth Cleanings: What You Should Know

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Do you ever stay away from your dentist just because it slips your mind? While we understand that your time is important, you should visit our dentist twice every six months for a routine checkup. Again, we understand that visiting our dentist twice a year may seem excessive, but skipping these bi-annual cleanings can lead to a number of issues.

While you may have heard that our team will just clean your teeth during these appointments, we’ll also help you recognize signs of trouble before they become too serious.

You see, our dentist will search your mouth for signs of oral cancer. These signs usually come in the form of abnormalities, which could be lumps or a discoloration anywhere in your mouth. We’ll also look for issues like gum disease. Sadly, the symptoms can be incredibly difficult to notice at home. You see, our team is trained to recognize these issues and to offer you specific advice.

During these appointments, we’ll also look for signs of tooth decay. Again, tooth decay is actually very common and can lead to serious problems. If you don’t address tooth decay quickly enough, your cavity could become more serious. In fact, decay could eventually kill your tooth. As you may already know, skipping these appointments and letting decay become more serious could ultimately leave you more vulnerable and leave you at risk for serious dental issues. For example, if decay isn’t addressed, you might eventually need a tooth extraction, root canal therapy, or other treatments.

If you’d like more information about these checkups, please don’t hesitate to give Henry K. Danziger DDS a call at 203.729.0563. Our dentist, Dr. Henry Danziger or a member of our team will inspect your mouth and give you personalized advice. We look forward to meeting with you!