An Amalgam Dental Filling Can Be Durable Enough to Repair a Cavity on a Back Tooth

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The premolars and molars in the back of your mouth are primarily called upon to help chew and grind the foods you eat. If poor oral hygiene habits allow a cavity to form on one of these important teeth it can limit your ability to process food before swallowing.

With early diagnosis, Dr. Henry Danziger might be able to repair a small cavity on a back tooth with an amalgam dental filling. This is a special blend of dental metals that have a reputation for being durable. The material’s dark color makes it a poor choice for repairing a tooth that appears in the front of your smile, but it is ideal when looking for strength.

After a thorough examination, Dr. Henry Danziger will need to numb the tooth and surrounding gums with an injection of procaine. A special dental instrument will then be used to remove any decayed tooth enamel. This will provide a clean surface to bond the amalgam.

Once the dental filling is cured and hardened with a special ultraviolet light it will last for many long years ahead. If you live in the Naugatuck, Connecticut, area and you suspect a cavity has developed on one of your teeth, you shouldn’t delay in calling 203.729.0563 to have it examined, and repaired at Henry K. Danziger DDS.